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I met Angela a few years back doing an online photography workshop, and from there a lovely friendship developed.

I was over the moon when Angela approached me to do a Beloved Family Session for her and her family at their favourite location – the beach. I didn’t realise it at the time, but the weekend they choose was also Angela’s 40th Birthday and what a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday.

We had such a fun afternoon on the beach, playing lots of games together and hanging out together taking photo’s.

Brisbane_Family_Photographer001 Brisbane_Family_Photographer002 Brisbane_Family_Photographer004 Brisbane_Family_Photographer005 Brisbane_Family_Photographer006 Brisbane_Family_Photographer007 Brisbane_Family_Photographer008 Brisbane_Family_Photographer009 Brisbane_Family_Photographer010 Brisbane_Family_Photographer011 Brisbane_Family_Photographer012 Brisbane_Family_Photographer013 Brisbane_Family_Photographer014 Brisbane_Family_Photographer015 Brisbane_Family_Photographer016 Brisbane_Family_Photographer017 Brisbane_Family_Photographer019 Brisbane_Family_Photographer020 Brisbane_Family_Photographer021 Brisbane_Family_Photographer022 Brisbane_Family_Photographer023 Brisbane_Family_Photographer024 Brisbane_Family_Photographer025 Brisbane_Family_Photographer026 Brisbane_Family_Photographer027 Brisbane_Family_Photographer028 Brisbane_Family_Photographer029 Brisbane_Family_Photographer030 Brisbane_Family_Photographer031 Brisbane_Family_Photographer032 Brisbane_Family_Photographer033 Brisbane_Family_Photographer034 Brisbane_Family_Photographer035 Brisbane_Family_Photographer036 Brisbane_Family_Photographer037 Brisbane_Family_Photographer039 Thank you Angela, for inviting me to create some lovely images for you and your family. x

You can check out some of Angela’s beautiful work that she does for families up in Toowoomba at Belle Images.

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