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I have recently completed some training in what is known as Beloved Photography. For me my images are more than just photo’s where everyone looks at the camera and say’s “Cheese”. I love being able to capture true emotions and connections and this is in essence what Beloved Photography is about.

Sarah & Michael responded to a call out that I did to complete my training. Recently engaged, and also recently discoing that they are expecting their first child, I was so excited to be able to send some time with them both, getting to know them and along the way capturing some beautiful images that I know they will treasure.

I would love to share with you all some words from Sarah & Michael regarding their Beloved Session…..

The outcome from the Beloved photoshoot with Mary was beautiful. I couldn’t have been happier. Not only did we end up with stunning photos, but the entire Beloved process brought my partner and I closer as a couple. It really helped us take the time to really appreciate each other. I’m so grateful. Thank you so much Mary!” Sarah

Let me start by saying thank you for the opportunity for Sarah and I to take part in your work. The photos turned out fantastic and all the comments I have been giving have all said how you captured our love for each other perfectly! It was extra exciting for me to hear some of the nice things and receive the gifts from Sarah for she is not as open and as ‘public affectionate’ as me, but that is one of the things I love about her. I thought the whole concept of the beloved photo shoot is a great way to capture the REAL emotion and on spot reactions and affections. You are so suited for this style of work being such a people person and lovely hearted.” Michael



Thank you Sarah & Michael for being apart of my special project. I love that my work could bring you closer together and I know your images will be a content reminder to you both of the love that you share. I can’t wait to met your little baby when he or she comes along.

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Mary xx

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