PHOTO A DAY 2015 | DAY 22

2015 Photo A Day

Kicking off the new year with a personal photography project¬†celebrating my family. Each day during January, a photo of my children. This year I’m challenging myself some more to do the whole project in black and white. Please follow along, and if you would love to join me, let me know as I would love to follow your January as well xo

Day 22

Day 22

Until December, Elizabeth and Charlotte had been sharing a room. They had bunk beds that also had desks on each end for them. When Elizabeth moved into her own room, she no longer had a desk to work on. Last night Daddy surprised Elizabeth by bringing home a new desk that she had found and had been wanting. She was so excited that as soon as she could this morning she was putting her new desk together. Both Elizabeth and Charlotte worked together to do it, with no help required. Elizabeth just loves building like this.

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