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2015 Photo A Day

Kicking off the new year with a personal photography project¬†celebrating my family. Each day during January, a photo of my children. This year I’m challenging myself some more to do the whole project in black and white. Please follow along, and if you would love to join me, let me know as I would love to follow your January as well xo

Day 20

Day 20

She is my sensitive soul. Most people wouldn’t see this side of her. They see the actively little girl that doesn’t stop. They see her talking constantly. Always looking for attention.

Lately though she has seemed a little lost and out of sorts. It’s as though she doesn’t quiet know where she fits. She sees her sister and wants to be just like her, able to do what she can do and when she can’t it upsets her. I am trying hard to teacher her, that she doesn’t need to compete, to stop comparing herself to everyone else and be happy with who she is. As I sit here writing this, I have had a light bulb moment – I see in her a reflection of myself. I too am struggling/working to overcome this.

We constantly see on Social Media how wonderful people’s lives are, images of perfect families, perfect relationships, perfect kids, perfect lives, perfect food flood our feeds and we wonder why are lives aren’t perfect like everyone else’s. We begin to question “what is wrong with me that my life can’t be like that” We constantly search for the missing ingredient – when I get more money, when I get a new job, when I loose more weight, when I get fitter, when I do this course, when I, when I, when I ….. then I’ll be happy like everyone else.

What I am learning though is that where I am is perfect for me! I am letting go of the old story of feeling unworthy of good things. I am learning to love me, for who I am. I am finding Gratitude in the everyday moments. And I’m stopping myself from comparing to others and being happy being me. It’s not easy but in doing so, I’m happier and enjoying life. I’m finding who I really am and I hope to teach my girls these now to help them on their journey.



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