PHOTO A DAY 2015 | DAY 1

Photo A Day 2015

Well it’s the start to the new year and each year I like to kick off with a personal photography project¬†celebrating my family. Each day during January, a photo of my children. This year I’m challenging myself some more to do the whole project in black and white. Please follow along, and if you would love to join me, let me know as I would love to follow your January as well xo

Day 1

Day 1

I had planned in my head just how I wanted to celebrate the start of the new year. I’m not the big party girl that needs to go out on new years eve and celebrate big. In fact I prefer a smaller celebration and just being surrounded by the people I love.¬†An evening spent around the pool, reflecting and then movie time was just perfect for me.

The morning of the first day of the year was relaxing, no need to hurry, time to reflect on what I want to manifest for the year ahead and then when we were ready, we headed down the coast to spend some time with my nephew and his family. Lots of water, lots of laughter and good times.

For me though I wanted to make sure I started the new year with a trip to the beach – coupled with a swim in the ocean. For a while now I have been feeling this strong pull to spend more time at the beach as I feel so re-energised afterwards. We headed there late afternoon. The first thing I noticed was while there were lots of people around, there wasn’t many in the water. I’m not one to be easily put off so we keep going with our plans. Then we see the jelly fish on the sand, not a good sign at all. The kids don’t think to much about it and grab the boards and head into the surf, within 2 minutes they return, with not the best faces, rubbing their legs and complaining of something stinging them. They have never been stung while in the water before so this was all new for them. They decided to brave it and have another go, but it got worse and the tears came. It appeared that my wonderful plans of a gorgeous beach swim was an epic fizz out. Not going to happen.

We calmed them down, went and had some dinner and then headed back to the beach for a lovely evening stroll surrounded by the gorgeous moonlight. While things didn’t go to plan, it was still a gorgeous day, and I hold in my heart the fun, the laughter and the peace of just being together.


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