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I have seen over the past couple of years, the increasing interest in having the birth of a baby photographed. To be honest it has fascinated me and something deep down I knew I wanted to be a part of. As a mother myself, I know that giving birth is such an amazing experience, but I don’t remember a lot about my children’s birth.

When Annmarie booked in her newborn session, I approached her to see if she would be interested in having her little girls birth photographed. I showed her some of the work of my favourite birth photographers so that she and her husband would have an idea of what birth photography is all about – documenting the birth story of their new baby. To me birth photography is about capturing the special moments along this journey. The connection between husband and wife, the excitement and joy of meeting their new child and the bits in-between. I was over the moon they said that they would love to have me there.

Giving birth before, didn’t truly prepare me for what it would be like to witness a new baby into the world. It is so hard to describe the feelings… I feel as though I have been blessed and given such a gift by being there. It truly is a miracle, one that I will never forget.

Please sit back and enjoy Mila’s Birth Story

Annmarie shares some lovely words on what it meant for her to have Mila’s Birth Story photographer…

“The first time I had heard of birth photography I thought it was a great idea but never imagined having it done myself however when Mary (who was to do our newborn photos) suggested it I couldn’t think of a reason not to and I’m so glad I did! Not only did Mary capture our daughter Mila’s very first moments in this world but she was also a wonderful support for me and my Husband. At the end of my labour things didn’t exactly go to plan, I lost a lot of blood and unfortunately missed the moments when Mila was weighed and measured and when her Daddy got to hold her for the very first time. Thanks to Mary I have beautiful photos of those moments and get to look back on them as often as I like. Every time I watch the video Mary put together my heart fills with so much love and joy and I am brought to tears. Both my husband and I cannot wait to be able to share these images with our beautiful daughter when she is older. Thank you Mary for being apart of the greatest day of our lives and capturing those moments for us!”

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