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Georgie and Branden choose one of the gorgeous beaches on the Gold Coast for their engagement session. I love doing sessions down at the beach as the light is just gorgeous and we always have so much fun. Before Georgie and Branden’s session I had them complete my couples questionnaire. I love getting my couples to do this as it gives them a chance to reflect on their relationship and what the other means to them. I then love to incorporate some of the gorgeous snippets of information from the questionnaire on to their images as a beautiful reminder of the wonderful love and bond that they share. 

After Georgie and Branden’s session, Georgie told me that this was the first time they had every had a profession photography session and that she had so much fun. It so warms my heart to know that firstly they loved having their photo’s taken and that they loved the end result. I know that Georgie and Branden will treasure these images for years to come. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in spring next year.

Georgie and Branden Brisbane Wedding Photographer Brisbane Beloved Photographer Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_004 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_005 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_006 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_007 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_008 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_009 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_010 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_011 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_012 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_013 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_014 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_015 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_016 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_017 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_018 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_019 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_020 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_022 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_023 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_024 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_025 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_026 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_027 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_028 Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_029Brisbane_Couples_Photographer_021

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