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Existing in Photos

When Nonie approached me to do some family photo’s for her, she shared with me that as a photographer herself, she has “thousands” of photo’s of her kids but very few of the family together as a family that actually include her. This family session was all about changing that so that when they look back on this special time as a family they can see that mum is existing in photos as well.

As a mum, we are always behind the camera taking pictures of our kids, documenting the lives of our children.¬†And this is fantastic but in years to come we also want our kids to remember that we are there as well. We want our kids to look back on their photo’s and see the special bond that they shared with not only Dad but Mum as well.

We put up barriers. We see ourselves as imperfect. We make excuses… when I loose that little bit of extra weight, when I find that perfect outfit… But, our kids don’t see the flaws that we often find in ourselves, that don’t look at their Mum and Dad and wish that they would loose that little bit of extra weight so that they look better in photo’s. NO they see us as PERFECT. They see us as love and so unbelievable special. And we are perfect just they way we are. So push the fear aside, tell that ego to go away and celebrate the wonderful people we are TODAY.

Wall Family Existing in Photos Family_Photographer_Brisbane_003 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_004 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_005 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_006 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_007 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_008 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_009 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_010 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_011 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_012 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_013 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_014 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_015 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_016Family_Photographer_Brisbane_020Family_Photographer_Brisbane_017 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_018 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_019Family_Photographer_Brisbane_021 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_022 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_023 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_024 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_025Family_Photographer_Brisbane_029 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_026 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_027 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_028Family_Photographer_Brisbane_030 Family_Photographer_Brisbane_031

I look at these photo’s and they speak so strongly to me about this wonderful family. The love and the special bond that they all share touches my heart.

Nonie, thank you for trusting me to create some amazing images so that you to can exist in photos with your family. I know that these images will bring you and your family much joy for years to come.




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