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For me photography is more than taking a nice photo. For me its about being able to connect to people. To create images that I know they will treasure for years to come. Images that celebrate who that are, at this moment in time. Sometimes a session isn’t just about taking some photo’s, it’s about sitting together and sharing and connecting. The result, truly special amazing images that I know will be treasured and enjoyed for many many years to come.

Until late last year when I embarked on doing photography full time, I had worked with Ange for over 5 years. Over this time we have become great friends. I did some maternity photo’s for her, I took her son Jagger’s baby photo’s. We share a love of photography and Ange has even assisted me on some newborn sessions for some of her friends.

A couple of month’s ago we caught up over lunch and I found out that Ange’s mum, Margaret, had recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was speachless, my heart went out to my gorgeous friend and her family. I couldn’t begin to image what they were all going through but I knew I wanted to do something to help, but I didn’t know were to begin. I woke up one morning and I just knew what I wanted to give them. A family session to create some special images that celebrate the now.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and Ange brought her family out to me at a gorgeous little location right near my home for a family session. Although I hadn’t met Margaret before, I felt as though she was like she was an old friend. I loved sitting and just chatting with her and Ange and sharing messages full of positive thoughts. Ange’s son Jagger is such a gorgeous character and he had so much fun, blowing bubbles, throwing sticks into the water, running and playing, and finally jumping in some little puddles we found on the way back to the car.

I know Margaret’s journey ahead will be tough. But I see in her an amazing love of life, love of family and a hope for what the future will bring.

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Sometimes we wait until life throws us a curve ball to have family photo’s taken. We think, I’ll just wait until I’ve lost a little weight, or I’ll just wait until my child is a little older. Stop waiting and celebrate the now. You never know what is around the next corner. I would love to speak to you today about organising a special session for your family and for the month’s of May and June, 10% of all sales will be donated to a wonderful foundation that supports family’s who are fighting cancer – Mummy’s Wish


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