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31st January 2014 | Day 31

Wow I can’t believe January has come to a close. The month has just flown by. What better way to end the school week and the month than with a refreshing afternoon swim. I have so loved doing this project over the last month. It has helped me stop and enjoy the little moments withContinue Reading

30th January 2014 | Day 30

This afternoon our afternoon activities commenced for the new year with Elizabeth’s horse-riding. She was so excited to be back with the horses especially riding her favourite horse, Toby. So grateful for the joy that horse-riding brings to Elizabeth’s life.

29th January 2014 | Day 29

Yesterday I spent all day at a wonderful photography workshop and didn’t get home until late. I was greeted by both my girls with such warmth and love that it just moved me so much. After some dinner I walked in their room and watched them sleep, feeling so grateful for the wonderful bond weContinue Reading

28th January 2014 | Day 28

The first of the school year often filled with mixed emotions. There is the excited of seeing all your friends again, seeing who is in your class, is there new kids and what are they like. At the same time though there is a degree of fear of the unknown, what will my new teacherContinue Reading

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